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Tire Service in Northeast Ohio

Tire Service and Alignment

Irregular wear can be caused by an unbalanced tire and wheel assembly. Do have your tire balance checked periodically or if you notice a “shimmy” or vibration in the steering column.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles, and those with independent rear suspension, require alignment of all four wheels.

As vehicles have become increasingly trouble-free, motorists have increasingly ignored their tires. Tires have improved markedly over the past few decades in terms of performance and wear, but they still require more attention than most of the car — much more than they tend to get. The most important steps car owners can take are to keep the tires properly inflated and to rotate them on schedule.

The proliferation of tire pressure monitoring systems — required on all new cars since the 2008 model year — has been a mixed blessing: They might prevent catastrophic failure, but experts say the simplest types are too liberal and the technology makes some owners think they never have to check their tires again.

The way to maximize handling and control is for all four tires to be the same type, to have a consistent degree of wear and to be filled with the correct air pressure. Handling tests show that when any of the above differ — especially between front and rear tire pairs — the car's behavior becomes less predictable, controllable and consistent — even in the hands of a professional driver.

Unfortunately, tires wear at different rates when mounted on the front or rear. Drive wheels tend to wear faster, especially on front-wheel-drive cars where they bear roughly 60 percent of the car's weight and serve to steer as well as propel the car. Rotating the tires allows the wear levels to even out. Diligent rotation means they all wear out, and can be replaced, at roughly the same time. Failure to do so means you're buying two tires at a time and always running with mismatched treadwear.