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Auto Repair, Brake Repair and Tire Service Aurora, Ohio

We at Dillon Auto Repair and Tire Service have been providing expert auto repair, brake service and tire service to the Aurora area for generations. For Auto Repair, Brake Repair, Tire Service, Air Conditioning/Heater Repair, Exhaust Repair, Radiator Repair, Suspension and any other automotive issues, you can rely on Dillon Auto Service and Tire.

For people in Aurora, Ohio finding a good mechanic is like finding a good Doctor, so if you can find one for a very reasonable rate, hang on to them for as long as you can.
Most of our business comes from repeat customers. We believe that your auto repair and service in Aurora, Ohio should be built on trust and reliability.

Auto Repair and Service Aurora

Your life revolves around your car. Regular maintenence is essential for making sure that when you need to get somewhere, your car is ready.
We offer quality and expertise when it comes to your automobile's check-ups.

Brake Repair and Service Aurora

Your safety depends on brakes that work properly. Regular inspections and maintainence are essential for all brake system components.
We offer quality and expertise when it comes to your braking system.

Tire Sales, Service and Alignment Aurora

Irregular wear can be caused by an unbalanced tire and wheel assembly. Do have your tire balance checked periodically or if you notice a “shimmy” or vibration in the steering column.
Front-wheel-drive vehicles, and those with independent rear suspension, require alignment of all four wheels.

Oil Change and Lube Aurora

An oil change is the most frequent service you’ll have to get for your vehicle. The importance of an oil change should not be underestimated!
We offer quality and expertise when it comes to your lubricating system.

Air Conditioning Service Aurora

Correctly troubleshooting an auto AC issue is the first step to getting it fixed. A misdiagnosis could mean spending a lot of money you didn’t need to.
We offer quality and expertise when it comes to your Air Conditioning System.

Radiator/Heating Service Aurora

Car radiator repairs are one of the more dramatic malfunctions that you may have to deal with as a driver.
The radiator is obviously the most well known part of the cooling system, but leaky hoses, bad thermostat and air in the system are all reasons for regular check-ups.

Exhaust System Repair Aurora

Dillon Auto Service covers exhaust system repair, which primarily involves the sale, installation, and repair of mufflers, tailpipes, and catalytic converters.
Our Certified technicians will ensure everything meets warranty requirements and manufacturers guidelines.