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Air Conditioning Service in Northeast Ohio

Air Conditioning Service

Correctly troubleshooting an auto AC issue is the first step to getting it fixed. A misdiagnosis could mean spending a lot of money you didn’t need to.

We offer quality and expertise when it comes to your Air Conditioning System.

Dillon Auto Care offers a wide range of automotive HVAC repair services at our Kent, Ohio auto repair shop. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your car or truck is designed to maintain a comfortable environment in the vehicle's interior when driving in and around Lexington and provides the safety feature of defrosting your windows when operating your vehicle in difficult Ohio driving conditions.

The auto air conditioning system works in a very similar manner to those that cool homes and other buildings.

A gas is placed into a system that is sealed. The gas is then heated as a result of being pressurized by a compressor. Once pressurized the heated gas then travels to the condensor where it gives off its heat to a flow of cool air and condenses to a liquid. This liquid is then transported to the receiver-dryer tank where the excess fluid is stored and any water removed. The liquid in the receiver-dryer tank then flows to the expansion valve which meters it into the air conditioning system's expansion valve inside the car. The cool, high pressure liquid then expands into a cold, low pressure gas.

This evaporation process is what ultimately provides the passengers in the vehicle with a cool flow of air during the hot Ohio summer months.